Land grabbing: everyone – least to the greatest, is affected.

A hawker is at work, in a suburb of Arua town. An average person, like himself, is likely to lose their piece of land to land grabbers, if it interests rich people. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 14 July 2018

Following widespread land grabbing in Uganda, the government has put in place commission of inquiry to probe into the matters. Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, who heads the on-going commission, has reportedly revealed officers holding high positions in the government are involved, too.

Northern-Uganda’s Arua district leaders suspect their own Giligili piece of land maybe under attack. They accuse the office of the president, which allegedly wants to establish presidential demonstration farm on the land, for conspiring with handful district leaders to take it. The leaders say the office (of the president) must take heed of their suggestions. Eriku Maurice filed the story, from Arua district – a home to majority of 1.5 million refugees Uganda hosts.