South Sudan conflict is the very devil depriving its own younger generation of brighter future.

This young woman makes tea for sale, on a self-made rack, for her customers in Rhino camp of South Sudanese people in Uganda. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 09 Aug 207

It is estimated 90 per cent of refugee-female-children, living in Uganda, do not get to continue their learning after completion of their primary education. Experts are concerned about South Sudan’s next generation. They believe a bleak future awaits the country.

Nonetheless, Uganda government as well as its development partners is aware of the challenges South Sudan’s younger population, especially girls, living in refugee settlement centers face every day. They wish to fight towards alleviating such challenges. The aim is to try to make sure the next generations of South Sudan’s women get a better future, even amid deadly clashes in their country.

Dibaba John is in Uganda’s district of Arua, and has more: