Uganda: Cases of defilement on the rise, in refugee settlements

A refugee girl makes her own hair, in Bidibidi. Picture by Ochan Hannington | 01 Apr 2021

Bidibidi refugee settlement: At least hundreds of cases of defilement have been registered; within period of 5 months, in just one part of this Uganda’s largest refugee settlement, according to authorities. Such rising numbers are representative of just one–third of area of the refugee camp. Refugee Welfare Council Office say, most of such cases are a result of existing conditions under which refugees live. They claim the conditions in refugee camps, “where there is hardly any privacy” tend to expose young people especially adolescent girls to countless risks, including sexual assaults. Unfortunately; solution to ending such problems, especially cases of defilement is out of sight. Mary Monday lives in Zone 3 of Bidibidi refugee camp, and sent us the report.