Unruly food cuts send refugees into farming amid lockdown.

Crops like this takes about four months from planting to harvest. it is one of the fast producing crop likely to supplement food shortage once it is handling with good care. Picture by Ochan Hannington, 22 May 2021

Each refugee in Uganda’s Rhino camp settlement used to receive 12 kilograms of food ration. That was before the UNHCR reduced it to 6 kilograms for a month long sustenance. Food cuts have been consistently considered in situations where the humanitarian agencies are faced with lack of funds to provide for the refugees. The consistent cut in food ration doubled with the enforcement of lockdown has however sent an unequable number of refugees into farming. Many of them believe Agriculture will supplement their budget. Partners have also called for support towards the agricultural sector to improve refugees input. Ganiku Sampson filed for us this story. Listen more here

Radio Pacis