Violent clashes inside Rhino camp of South Sudanese people claim 2. Others are injured.

New arrivals prepare to construct huts in their plots of land, in Rhino Camp of South Sudanese refugees. Most of them, here, came during the peak of violent conflict in former Central Equatoria State of South Sudan. Picture by Ochan Hannington |26 Feb 2018

Two South Sudanese refugees are confirmed dead. Unidentified number of other refugees are left with injuries following violent clashes between two youths groups, reportedly of Dinka and Nuer tribes. Those who are seriously injured are currently receiving treatment, in Arua town. Unidentified amount of property is destroyed, too, in the wake of the aftermath. The confrontation happened in Rhino Camp of South Sudanese people, which is located in Uganda’s Arua district. Preliminary investigations of the police indicate the fight started during a world cup match, yesterday evening. The police say they have managed to gain control. However, the situation in the Camp, remains volatile. Our reporter, Anguparu Dorothy, is in the camp keeping an eye on the developments. Further, here is the Chairman of Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement Welfare Council 3, Joseph Amani, talking us through the incident: