Can prayers bring peace to war-ravaged South Sudan?

The Commissioner of Magwi County, Ochola Bosco Oringa, delivers a speech in Magwi during his inauguration. Picture by Sebit Patrick | 17 Dec 2017

In an effort to try to bring peace in war-torn-South Sudan, many players work tirelessly. Religion is not left behind. Christians believe prayers could play an important role in removing the plight of men, women, children and elderly citizens of the country.

The government buys the idea. Both the government and Christians organised a prayer session. They have high hopes their prayers will do a great deal in bringing peace. With one accord, they believe the forthcoming round of talks expected to take place in Ethiopia’s capital, Adis-Ababa, will produce long lasting peace.

Arop Daniel Otto is in Magwi County for us, and compiled this report: