Refugees toughen ties with host community over land use. Believes it builds coexistence

Acquiring a piece of land like this in the refugee camp requires seeking the consent of the host community first. Picture By Sebit Patrick, 20th June 2020

Relations between #South Sudanese refugees living in Omugo, an extension of Rhino camp settlement in Arua District and the hosts nearby the camps appear by-and-large constructive as the host-communities give out part of their land to refugees for Agricultural production to supplement their food aid and sustain a living.

The move is impacting close to 40,000 refugees living within Omugo. Some refugees in expression of their gratitude citing Omugo is now another “Home away from home”

Edna Piyic has more to tell us in this story. Listen Here

By: Edna Piyic, Arua One fm