Truck drivers expose communities and refugees to covid-19, West Nile leaders

West Nile Leaders during their visit to WFP warehouse to assertain the implementation on SOPs, Picture by Adiidi Rashul, 30th April 2020

Sophisticated Operating procedures SOPs are mechanisms set aside by the Ministry of health under the instruction of the president to allow a safer and transmission free public transport across Uganda. These includes availing hand washing facilities, not allowing sick people on board, temperature monitors and many others.

That later was banned for public transportation including boda-boda, taxis and buses with exception of cargo and truck drivers only.

However, in the west Nile region leaders have expressed concern over the risk WFP truck drivers put on the community and refugees in the region, once the SOPs is not observed. Out of 88 confirmed cases in Uganda, 28 are truck drivers.

The leaders comprising of Chairperson for West Nile Development Association (WENDA) alongside the chairperson for West Nile RDCs were escorted by WFP officers visited the WFP warehouse in the refugee camps to assess the implementation of the SOPs in the area

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By Adiidi Rashul, Spirit fm