Urban refugees, Landlords struggle over housing Challenges.

Arial view of Arua Hill Residential Area, in Arua Municipality. One of the towns hosting urban refugees up to date. Picture by Opio John Paul. 17 September 2019

In a bid to attain better standard of living, access to better health and education alongside liberty to travels across the country, a good number of refugees (especially South Sudanese) relocated from the different settlement camps in Uganda to the nearby towns.

In Arua town of westnile in Northern Uganda, Most of these urban refugees are in uproar as landlords (owners of the houses they rent) keep on swindling the charges. They say the landlords impose the house rents in discriminative manner. Others say they may reconsider return to the camp.

Hafiz Bakhit alongside Robert Adiga have more, in this story. Take a listen