Charcoal briquette a cover for environmental depletion in Refugee camps.

Refugee women in Rhinocamp Settlement showcasing Charcoal Briquettes they produced after undergoing livelihood trainings the youth are due to undertake -Photo by Ariaka Robert. 30 October 2019

Shortage of wood fuel and its associated problem of Environmental depletion have been a huge challenge in the refugee hosting Areas in west Nile region of Uganda.

The refugees who raid the forest cover for Firewood have many times found themselves in Conflict with the hosting communities.

Some Sell off their food ration to buy firewood and charcoal.

But a new technology of turning human waste into Charcoal introduced by Oxfam Uganda has provided a breakthrough for some refugee communities. 

Many families believe it’s faster and easy to access.

Robert Ariaka has more to tell us in the detail of the story. Listen here